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Thanks to a recent change in the Law, it is now easier than ever to provide year-round water to your home and garden absolutely free from your own private borehole. Up to a daily limit of 20,000 litres, no license is required and after the initial investment you will have access to a free source of water lasting a life-time. Most people are aware that the ground beneath our feet contains water and that at a certain depth below ground you will reach a saturated layer called the Water Table. What is less widely known is that the water beneath your property is yours for free if you are willing to invest a little in getting at it.
The financial benefits of having a borehole will depend on the amount of water you use and, of course, the investment required to abstract it. The initial investment to drill a borehole and install a pump can be as little as £3,500 where the aquifer and the ground water table are close to the surface. We will give you an initial opinion on the likely costs involved in drilling a borehole based on a FREE site visit & desk-top study. Of course, financial considerations are only part of the story. Our customers generally have other considerations at the heart of their decision including a desire to use water sustainably, a need to overcome problems with low pressure or flow from mains water or problems with hose pipe bans.
As a result of The Water Act 2003 anyone is entitled to abstract up to 20,000 litres (20 tons) of water per day without the need for a license. A common misconception is that you will somehow be charged for the water but this is incorrect. After the initial investment the water is yours for free. There will be some expenditure in operating and maintaining a pump but this will be minimal in comparison to the value of the water you are entitled to abstract (20,000 litres of water per day is worth around £9,000 per year!).
At Back Garden Boreholes we are dedicated to providing a one-stop-shop for your water supply and garden irrigation needs. From the initial geological survey to identify the depth, quality and quantity of the groundwater beneath your property to drilling the borehole and installing the necessary sprinklers, controllers and associated pipework to ensure that your garden looks healthy all year round. Water wells and boreholes are unobtrusive and the well head chamber can be set below ground to ensure mimimal visual impact.
For a more detailed report on the precise geology for your area and also the likely quantity and quality of water, the British Geological Survey will produce a Water Borehole Prognosis which can be purchased on-line or we can arrange the survey for you.
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